Bracket Book Tutorial

1. Print your Bracket Book on cardstock and gather supplies.
Be sure to set your margins as close to 0 as possible.
(Recommended supplies: pen/pencil, ruler, small scissors, ribbon or jump rings)
TIP: When printing on both sides of a page,
remove the white cutting guide from one side of the page before printing.
This way you don't have to worry about lainig up the 2 sides just perfectly when you print!

2. Cut out along white cuttng uide lines on all of your pages.

3. Using the ruler, mark where you want to punch your holes to put your ribbon or jump rings in.

4. Punch holes where you marked.

5. Tie ribbon or use jump rings to bind your book together.
TIP:If using ribbon, make sure to leave about a fingers space in your loop,
do not tie the ribbon too tight, this will make it so that it is easier to open your book