Cupcake Liner Tutorial

1. Purchase or Bake and Cool Cupcakes.
If cupcakes are frosted, place in refrigerator and chill cupcakes before putting liners on.
It is easier to put liners on if the frosting is cold.

2. Print your Cupcake liner templates on cardstock and gather supplies.
Be sure to set your margins as close to 0 as possible.
Each printed page will have enough supplies for 2 cupakes.
(Recommended supplies: small craft scissors, tape, foam squares,
1.25 inch circle punch, toothpicks and ribbon)

3. Using the scissors cut along outside line.
TIP: Use a 1.25 inch circle punch to cut out the toppers.
If printed at full size, the circles should be 1.25 inches.

4. Wrap liner around cupcake and tape at seam.
TIP: If using a smaller cupcake, just wrap around at the desired height.
You can place a smaller cupcake at the bottom of the liner or make it tighter and wrap it around at the top.

5. Using foam squares or tape, attach the front and back circles together to form the topper.
Insert toothpick between the circles.

6. Add ribbon onto the toothpick or at the bottom of the front circle, if desired.

7. Insert toothpick into cupcake. Enjoy the finished cupcakes and share.
Don't forget to use your imagination. The possibilites are endless!