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When I was younger…

I wanted to be the girl who was graceful and danity like everyone else in my grade. But I was far from it. I was clumsy, slightly bigger than everyone else and far far from graceful. Seeing all the girls talk about being in ballet and their recitals made me envy them. I wasn’t talented at much of anything (I had good grades, but at the time, I did not consider that talent). One thing that I did love to do was listen to music. It was my escape and still is. I got so invovled in music and when I was listening to it I was oblivious to anything and everything going on around me. In the summer of 2000, I went to camp again. While at camp there were tons of activites to do. My first activity was “Feel the Rythym”. I was not exticed. Because I am far from graceful and I did not want to be made fun of because I had no rythym. I was so very wrong. The class was fun. I learned that I did not have to be the best dancer and the style I had was all my own and no one elses. Dancing was my thing. Even though I did not dance as well as all the other girls and guys in my group I danced well and that worked for me. I liked my style because it was unique and like no one elses. I’m not good at following instructions so I took the instructions and changed them to make them my own. Now I am twenty years old and I can not go a day without dancing. I just love it. I may not be graceful. But I am me :)

Kit Credit: Ready to Preform – Albums to Remember

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