My Memories Gallery - Ready for School by Connie Prince


Album Name: Ready for School by Connie Prince


Journaling: First Day of School! What does that mean? Well, it’s the first time ever that all four have been in school so that is certainly different. It means a change in schedule and stressful mornings. It means tired kids at night, yet a battle at bedtime. It means homework and projects. Afterschool activities and sports. Birthday party invites and field trips (scheduled at the last minute). It means sharing the bathroom while getting ready and foregoing my morning coffee. It means laying out clothes each night and signing papers each morning.

It also means fun for the kids! Friends and football. Excitement and a healthy anxiety. Stories to tell and books to read. It means recess, art and music. It means teachers who love them and a growing knowledge of the Bible and Christ. It also means slowly but surely gaining an excellent education and striving towards becoming the Grace filled children that God wants them to be.

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