Commercial Use Explained

What does Commercial Use mean?

Commercial Use has less restrictions regarding what you can do with content you purchase including being able to use it for business purposes such as advertising and more.
Terms of Use - Commercial

Personal Use allows you to use content you purchase for your own personal use, but you cannot use it for business use, distribute, or sell any content that has a Personal Use license.
Terms of Use - Personal

What Can I do with Commercial Use Software?

You can use the software in conjunction with Commercial Use content to create items for business. You must ensure that the content you are using includes a Commerical Use license otherwise it cannot be used for commercial puproses. See the My Memories Suite 8 User License Agreement for more details.
MM8 User License Agreement

Which Content is Commercial Use?

The vast majority of content available for purchase at is Personal Use.

Currently, the only content that is being made available for Commercial Use are 3 Calendar Templates, 6 Greeting Card Templates, 3 Photobook Templates, 6 Postcard Templates, 3 Swatchbook Templates, 150 Backgrounds, and 400 Embellishments included with My Memories Suite 8:

  • MM8 Baby Calendar-(MyMem)
  • MM8 Baby Greeting Card L-(MyMem)
  • MM8 Baby Greeting Card P-(MyMem)
  • MM8 Baby Photobook-(MyMem)
  • MM8 Baby Postcard L-(MyMem)
  • MM8 Baby Postcard P-(MyMem)
  • MM8 Baby Swatchbook-(MyMem)
  • MM8 Christmas Calendar-(MyMem)
  • MM8 Christmas Greeting Card L-(MyMem)
  • MM8 Christmas Greeting Card P-(MyMem)
  • MM8 Christmas Photobook-(MyMem)
  • MM8 Christmas Postcard L-(MyMem)
  • MM8 Christmas Postcard P-(MyMem)
  • MM8 Christmas Swatchbook-(MyMem)
  • MM8 Traditional Scrapping Calendar-(MyMem)
  • MM8 Traditional Scrapping Greeting Card L-(MyMem)
  • MM8 Traditional Scrapping Greeting Card P-(MyMem)
  • MM8 Traditional Scrapping Photobook-(MyMem)
  • MM8 Traditional Scrapping Postcard L-(MyMem)
  • MM8 Traditional Scrapping Postcard P-(MyMem)
  • MM8 Traditional Scrapping Swatchbook-(MyMem)
An easy way to tell which content has Commercial License when navigating within My Memories Suite is to look for content thats end with -(MyMem). At this time only content ending with -(MyMem) is Commercial Use. Everything else in the store and available in the My Memories Suite software is Personal Use unless otherwise stated in the specific designers Terms of Use.

If you have any questions regarding Commercial Use please contact us

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Windows 7, 8, or 10
Mac OS X 10.7.5 or higher

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