Photo Layout

To change the photo layout on a page:

1.       Click on the page to change.

2.       Click on Photo Layout icon  in the Resource Gallery (left side of the program).

3.       Double-click on one of the available layout options. My Memories Suite will rearrange the photos on the page to fit the new photo layout.


Please be aware that if you choose a layout with fewer photos than the current page, My Memories Suite will remove some of the photos from the page.

My Memories Suite will crop photos (as needed) to make them fit the layout that you choose. For example, if the current page contains one photo in portrait orientation and one in landscape and the new layout contains two landscape photos, My Memories Suite will crop the portrait photo on the current page to make it a landscape photo. 


It is best, but not necessary, to choose layouts that contain the same type of photos as the current page.  You may also reposition the photo within the crop area or create a new crop area.