Share the Memories Affiliate Program
Thank you for your interest in MyMemories Share the Memories Affiliate Program! We've had many requests from bloggers to be more involved with MyMemories and we are excited to offer this new Affiliate Program.

You get MyMemories Suite free, get to give-away a copy of MyMemories Suite free software on your site, and earn cash for purchases of MyMemories Suite using your affiliate code!
STM Affiliate Program Overview:
  • You will receive a Free copy of MyMemories Suite software to review
  • $20 deposited into your PayPal account every time your promo code is used to purchase the software
  • Have access to Exclusive tutorials, tips, prizes, and contests
  • Access to 3 new freebies that can be used as prizes or give-aways every 2 weeks
  • Additional MyMemories Software give-away after every 12 software sales
As an STM Affiliate, here's what we require:
  1. Host a MyMememories Software give-away quarterly on your blog.
  2. When hosting your give-away, write a review about the software with at least one layout or project you created.
  3. Post a MyMemories tutorial, layout, or freebie at least every month (we supply new content every weeek for you).
  4. Post a MyMemories blinkie on your site with a link back to MyMemories site (we provide blinkies).
  5. Post a review or layout within 2 weeks of any free software received.

By participating in Share the Memories Affilaite Program, you will receive a FREE downloable version of MyMemories Suite software.

As an extra bonus, your friends, family, and followers receive $10 off the purchase of MyMemories Suite using your promo code giving you $20 for each copy purchased.

The more you post about MyMemories, the more opportunities you have to get paid!
Please submit your application only once.

To request more information about the MyMemories STM Affiliate Program please contact Liz Gardner