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Why You Should Use This Software

There are software applications made for creating slides shows, and others designed for photo editing professionals. Many have features that are useless to a digital scrapbook designer, and most have an expensive price tag. The My Memories Suite is specific to digital scrapbooks, their designers, and the audience those memories are shared with. This feature rich software is one-stop solution for digital scrapbook design and sharing.

My Memories Suite has set the standard for all digital scrapbooking software applications. It offers a wide range of powerful design tools, a user-friendly interface, and sharing options that distance it from all competitors. Although not technically considered digital scrapbook applications, several design and photo editing programs (e.g., Adobe’s Photoshop and Elements, etc.) can be used to create digital graphics and individual scrapbook pages. In My Memories Suite, you can create one page at time like those programs, or you can design an entire scrapbook album, with the ability to create, add, and arrange all of your pages in ONE workspace. The size and creativity of a My Memories Suite album is limited only by the imagination of the user and space on their computer. The price difference between My Memories Suite and these other commercial design programs is substantial, saving consumers hundreds of dollars.

Scrapbook first approach

Developed by StoryRock’s design team, the My Memories Suite software has set the standard for digital scrapbook applications. The genesis behind the software was not to repackage an application made for photographers into something that might work for scrapbookers too (those who could afford price tag). The creative mindset that led to My Memories Suite—the terminology and specific tools of the scrapbook community—were the baseline from the very beginning. StoryRock’s programmers worked hand-in-hand with scrapbook designers to create a user-friendly interface that is intuitive for the scrapbook creators. With My Memories Suite, the scrapbooker comes first.

What if I already own another software?

Like many designers, including those at StoryRock, you may already own a high priced “professional” design or photo editing program. My Memories Suite can only enhance your creativity by being the perfect companion to such programs by integrating the graphics you create into one comprehensive album. My Memories Suite provides a single platform where you can create graphically from scratch, import graphics created in other applications, perform photo-editing functions, and add journaling without ever leaving the software! Plus, you can add in video, music, narration and web links with a simple click of the mouse. No exporting, no up linking, and no headaches. And you can archive all those graphics, video and music in one convenient place. And when it comes time to share your digital scrapbook creation with others, they won’t need to invest in the same software (or computer operating system) to see it. In this way, My Memories Suite empowers your creativity by taking what you create in other applications to a variety of higher-level output.

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