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I receive an error when trying to upload my album, what can I do?

- We just released an update to My Memories Suite 9 that will re-enable uploading directly from My Memories Suite software. Please check for updates from the Help menu within My Memories Suite. Follow the instructions to download and install the update. After that you should be able to upload your albums.

Why do I have a red line across my pages?

- Red lines are guides. Guides can be placed either horizontally or vertically by clicking in the rulers that run along the top and left side of the canvas. Guides won’t print out they are just for use in aligning items on the page. You can clear guides by going to the View menu and choosing Clear Guides.

What are the system requirements for My Memories Suite?

- My Memories Suite versions 1 – 4: Windows 32-bit, XP, Vista & 7. Mac OS X 10.6 – 10.9.
- My Memories Suite version 5: Windows 32-bit, XP, Vista, 7, 8, & 10. Mac OS X 10.6 or higher.
- My Memories Suite version 6: Windows 64-bit Vista, 7, 8, & 10. Mac OS X 10.7.5 or higher.
- My Memories Suite version 7: Windows 32-bit or 64-bit 7, 8, & 10. Mac OS X 10.7.5 or higher.
- My Memories Suite version 8: Windows 32-bit or 64-bit 7, 8, & 10. Mac OS X 10.7.5 or higher.
- My Memories Suite version 9: Windows 32-bit or 64-bit 7, 8, 10, & 11. Mac OS X 10.13.6 or higher.

How do I verify my system meets the requirements?

- On Windows a quick way to check is to right-click on your Desktop background, and select Personalize from the drop down menu. Then click on the Control Panel Home link (top left), then go into System and Security, then go into System. This will display version, available memory, and bit type information.
- On Mac go to your Apple menu (top left), and select About This Mac from the drop down. This will display OS version, and available memory.

I have a 32-bit operating system, will I be able to install the latest version?

- Yes, My Memories Suite supports 32-bit Windows 7, 8, 10, or 11 operating systems. However due to memory constraints of 32-bit operating systems you may not be able to create albums with as many elements or pictures per page as 64-bit systems.

Where can I see what is new in My Memories Suite?

To see what is new in My Memories Suite please visit this page. Review this PDF for an overview of the new version 8 features.

I have purchased My Memories Suite but cannot locate my product key, what should I do?

- If you have purchased a disc version of the software the product key will be located on the back of the disc case, in the upper right corner.
- If you have purchased a download version from my the product key will be located in your downloads page, next to the download link for the software.
- If you purchased a download from another site the product key should be located in the email receipt.
- If for any reason you are unable to locate your product key please contact us, and we will be happy to assist you.

Why do I only have sample images in Backgrounds and Embellishments, where is more content?

- My Memories does not include a lot of content initially, this is to reduce the download file size so that users with slower download speeds do not have trouble installing the software. After you get the program installed on your system, the next step for getting content in the program is to download the add-ons that come with the purchase. In your online account you will have the download links for additional templates (for My Memories Suite 9 these will start with MM9), these include 150 backgrounds and 400 embellishments.

How do I download and install add-on kits into My Memories?

- For installing and using kits please review these videos in this order to get the overall basics.
How to Know what comes with a kit.

How to download kits.

How to locate and use kits.

I get this message “Developer Cannot Be Confirmed” when installing kits on my mac, why?

- This is caused by security update and signature changes in the Mac OS. To install kits that give this message, right-click on the install icon, and choose open, or go into System Preferences > Security, and allow downloads from anywhere, then you can install the kits. We are working on rebuilding all kits so they no longer get this message, when installing rebuilt kits, and newly uploaded kits you won’t get this message. Feel free to send us an email with the name of the kit and we can get it rebuilt right away.

If I have a previous version, such as 3 or 5, do I need to install any previous versions, before upgrading to the newest version?

- No, you may upgrade to the latest version from your accounts page. The upgrade from the account, and the full version, are the same. The latest version will install over the top of any previous version of My Memories Suite. And it can install independently, so it doesn’t require a previous version for install.

Will I lose any saved albums or installed content when upgrading to the latest version?

- No, all of your albums and content will be available to use in the latest version, so you may pick up right where you left off.

What is a Kit / Pack?

- A Kit is a themed collection of graphic elements that can be used to create a scrapbook page, calendar, etc. All kits have product information when when viewing the kit in the store. (on the right side of the page under product info, this will give you more information about the kit type itself). All graphics included in kits are high-resolution JPG or PNG files optimized for download and installation into the MyMemories Digital Scrapbooking software. These design elements (can also be used with other software design programs with general download (e.g., Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.) Watch this video for more information.

What is a Template?

- A Template is a professionally designed page layout available for instant use in the MyMemories Digital Scrapbooking software. Each template is optimized to assist users in creating complete pages easily and quickly by allowing them to drop in their own photos and text. Most included page elements—such as background papers, graphic embellishments, journaling areas and empty picture boxes—can be repositioned, resized, or deleted from the pages. Pages can also be duplicated, deleted or reordered at any time. For more information on a Template click here. Watch this video for more information.

What type of kits are available for purchase?

- Photobook Template: 20 page minimum of pre designed layered templates, for easy photo fill, and will include all original artwork used to create the template. *Please Note: templates only work in the My Memories Software. The General download will contain all of the kit images separately, to re-create the template, but the pre-built pages are not available in the general download.

- Album Template: These are a 4 page minimum of pre-designed layered templates, for easy photo fill, and will include all original artwork used to create the template. *Please Note: pre-built templates only work in the MMS Software. The General download will still contain all of the kit images separately, to re-create the template, but the pre-built pages are not available in the general download.

- Bundle Pack: A combination of multiple combo packs. This will be a larger file size than a combo pack.
- Combo Pack: A themed combination of background papers and embellishments to create your own layout.
- Craftable: A craft based template or quick page for print at home cut outs.
- Embellishment Pack: A series of themed embellishments.
- Layout Template: Photo box & shape layouts. *Does not include any backgrounds or embellishment files.
- Mini Pack: Less content at a lower price, includes both background & embellishment files.
- Monogram and Alphabet Pack: A combination of alphabets, numbers or symbols. *Does not include fonts.
- Paper Pack: Includes a themed collection of background papers.
- Quick Page Pack: A png file with cut-outs for the pictures to show through. *Quick Pages are not templates.
- Word Art Pack: A combination of alphabets, numbers or symbols. *Does not include fonts.

Where are my purchased digital scrapbooking kits?

- You may find purchased files in the downloads section of your account. Watch this video for instructions.

What type of kit did I purchase?

- Login to the downloads section of your account. Click on a kit name, displaying the kit in the store. The product information on the right, indicates what type of kit you purchased. Watch this video for more info.

How do I download my purchases?

1. After you purchase content, login to the downloads section of your account.
2. Select the appropriate download link for your kit, Windows, Mac, or General.
*If you are using Safari or Google Chrome, it will download automatically once clicked.
*If you are using Internet Explorer or FireFox, you may be prompted to Save or Open, choose Save.
3. After download completes the installer will be in your Downloads folder. (unless another location was chosen.)
*Windows & Mac links are installers, that will install the content automatically into the My Memories software. (Full or Trial version)
*The General link is a .zip file to use with other software. After it downloads you will need to extract the file. (Windows users: Right-click, choose Extract All.) Once extracted you will have a folder with the kit JPG & PNG images. Drag and drop, or browse to the folder.
Watch this video for download instructions.

How do I install my purchases?

1. Quit out of My Memories if you have it open.
2. After download completes the installer will be in your Downloads folder. (unless another location was chosen.)
3. Go to your Downloads folder. (HD or C: /Users/Current User/Downloads)
4. Double-click on the kit installer.
5. You may be prompted to install Java if you currently do not have it installed, click Install.
6. You will be prompted to open or run the downloaded application, click Open or Run.
7. If prompted, Enter your computer password, click OK. or if prompted with UAC selected Yes.
8. Select Next.
9. Select My Memories Suite. (Windows:C: / Program Files / My Memories Suite.)(Mac: Applications / My Memories Suite.)
10. Select Next, and let the kit install.
11. Click finish to complete the kit installer.
Watch this video for install instructions.

How do I find my purchases?

Content will be located within 3 sections of the software, Templates, Backgrounds, & Embellishments.

1. Open or create an album.
2. Open the Backgrounds tab under the Control Panel.
3. Click on the Add icon.
4. Expand the Purchased category.
5. Select the background you want to use, then click Add.

Embellishments, Quick Pages, Alphabets, and Monograms:
1. Open or create an album.
2. Open the Embellishments tab under the Control Panel.
3. Click on the Add Icon.
4. Expand the Purchased category.
5. Select the Embellishment you want to use, then click Add.

1. Create a new album by clicking on the Template icon. (File > New)
2. Scroll through the list to locate your purchased template, select it, then click create.
3. You may also add template pages to an open project by going to the Insert menu > Template.
*Some of the kits will not show up in the templates list as they are embellishments, backgrounds or quick pages.
*Type: Album or Photobook will be installed as templates. All others will be under backgrounds or embellishments.
*You may also use search to locate specific kits, by entering the kit name. Search is located in the tool bar, and the content dialogs.
Watch this video for locating instructions.

Can I download my digital scrapbooking kits again? Will it cost anything?

- If you ever need to download your purchases again, you may do so. There are no additional charges for downloading items after they have been purchased.

How do I use the General file download with MMS or other programs?

- UPDATE General Zips are now used for all customers. My Memories Suite customers should download the zips, but DON’T extract or expand them. After they are downloaded using the Import Download option from the My Memories Suite file menu to import the kits. For those who want to use the kits in other software programs, like photoshop or organize the add-on kits themselves. Simply click on the general download link to begin downloading. Once it has downloaded to your computer you will need to extract the folder to use the images. (Windows users: Will need to Right-Click and choose extract all, select a save location, preferably the Desktop) (Mac users: Double-click on the download to open the .zip folder). Once opened, you can use the images inside the kit folder just like any other image file.

What are the Terms of Use (TOU) for digital scrapbooking kits I download from the website?

Click here to see the TOU. There is a link to terms of use for each digital scrapbooking kit, when viewing it in the store.

Where can I find more information about commercial use content?

- Please visit this page for additional information regarding commercial use.

I see that version 6, 7, 8, and 9 of My Memories Suite have commercial use, can I also use it for personal purposes?

- Yes, with the commercial use license you may use it for all of your standard personal uses, plus the additional uses that come with a commercial use license.

Is a discounted upgrade available for owners of My Memories Suite version 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8?

- Yes, if you have an existing version please login to your account, and go to your downloads page, on the downloads page there will be an upgrade button, that allows you to purchase the latest version of My Memories Suite at a discounted price. The new version will install directly over the current version of MMS on your system. All albums, and installed content from earlier versions will be available to use in in the latest version, so you can pick up right where you left off.

I own a previous version of MMS but don’t see an upgrade button in my account, why?

- The option to upgrade from your account is currently only linked with previously purchased download versions of the software. If you purchased a disc, or purchased the download from another site, unfortunately the download link is not currently linked to your account. Please contact us with proof of the previous version purchase, and we would be happy to assist you with getting the upgrade option to display in your account.

Do I get the download version if I purchase the software disc?

- No, if you purchase the software disc you will only receive the disc version. You will need to purchase the download version separately. If you purchase the download version, you can order a backup disc for only $4.99, plus shipping and handling.

Is My Memories Suite sold in stores?

- My Memories Suite is currently only sold online, as disc or download. Please see this page for more information.

Can I use 3rd party content in MyMemories Suite?

- Yes, you may use content you purchase at other sites, or content you have on your computer. However, they must meet the content recommendations in order to work properly with MMS.

Photo / Content Recommendations
Format: JPG or PNG.
Resolution: 300DPI
Ratio: 1200 by 1200 pixels or larger recommended for print.
File Size: 10MB or smaller.
Color Mode: RGB
Save the file in PNG to preserve transparency.

Using Custom Backgrounds:
1. Open Backgrounds tab.
2. Click on the Add icon.
3. Click on the browse button. (bottom left)
4. Browse your image folder containing your backgrounds or images.
5. Select your image to apply it as a background.

Using Custom Embellishments:
1. Open the Embellishments tab.
2. Click on the Add icon.
3. Click on the Browse Other button. (bottom left)
4. Browse your image folder containing your Embellishments or images.
5. Select your image to apply it as a embellishment.

What are my sharing and printing options?

- You may print pages on your home printer.
- You may upload through our services to have it printed, and shipped to you.
- You may export as JPG, PNG, or PDF.
- You may use exports in any project that supports these image types.
- You may take exports to your local or online retailer for printing.

Can I add a page from another template kit to my existing album?

- Yes, to add template pages to the current album go to the Insert menu > Template.

Can I add pages from one of my albums to another?

- Yes, to import pages into to the current album go to the Insert menu > Import.

Can I create a mirror image of a page in my album?

- Yes, to mirror your page go to the Insert menu > Duplicate Page Mirrored.

How do I print my album to a specific size?

- Go to the File Menu > Print, the print dialog will allow you to select paper sizes, adjust margins, and position on the page. *In some cases you may need to set custom page size options, and custom margins as close to 0.0 as possible to utilize most of the page.

How do I ensure everything on my page will be in my printed?

- Due to printing and trimming processes, it is recommended that you keep important images at least .5 inches away from all sides of the page. You can enable the trim guide in the program from the View menu > Trim Area.

Can I export my album as Web pages (HTML)?

- This feature is not yet available, although it is on our list of features to add in the future. You may export your pages as JPGs to include on web pages.

Where can I find my purchased software?

- You may find purchased files in the downloads section of your account.

Where can I find my product key?

- Product keys will be listed next to the downloads link for the software. If you purchased the software on disc, look on the back of the case, near the top. If you are unable to find your product key, contact us.

Is there a Trial version of the software?

- Yes, you may download the trial version of the program by clicking here. There is no time limit for when the free Trial ends. The Trial version is the same as the Full version with use and layout. Printing and export features are disabled with the trial, and will be enabled when you purchase, and register the software with a product key. More content is also included with the full version. You may still upload your album to our print services site for a professional printing with the Trial. You may also download, install, and use purchased templates from the MMS site with the Trial.

How do I register my Trial Version?

- After purchasing the full version, please download and install the full version, you will then have all the content and you can enter your product key during the installation.

My product key does not fit within the product key fields, why?

- Ensure you are entering the key at that start of the product key field, if you have spaced in, the key will leave the last digit off. They key should be enter in a set of 5, 5, and then the last 3. Sometimes clicking in the key filed will start it 1 space in, after you removed any spaces it should let you enter in all the digits.

- When entering your key ensure it is entered exactly as it appears. You can copy and paste the product key into the product key field if necessary. If you have any questions about if its a (1) or a (i) or a (0) or an (o). Keys are always going to be numeric 1 and 0. Do not enter the (-) as they are automatically inserted when typing in your key. Product keys are 13 digits in length.

How many computers can I have the software installed on?

- With a single product key you may have the software installed and registered on up to 3 computers simultaneously. If you need to free up an active product key space, uninstall the software from one of the currently registered computers.

I have already registered a version 1. How do I add version 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9 key to my account?

- Login to your account, go to account settings, enter the product key and your account password, then click update.

I got a new computer, how do I transfer my content from the old computer to the new one?

- First you will want to install the MMS software on your new computer from the disc or download. After the program is installed then you can copy over the content. If you do not have access to your old computer you can re-downlaod the content from your account as well.

- You will need an external drive, or a large drop box type account to transfer the files.

1. On your old computer open a Finder window and go into Applications > My Memories Suite. (on Windows go into Computer > C: > Program Files > My Memories Suite)
2. With the My Memories Suite folder opened, right-click on the Components folder, and choose Copy. (the components folder holds all content)
3. After copying the Components folder open your external drive, and paste the folder on the drive. (this will copy the folder, and may take some time)
4. Once the folder finishes copying eject the drive from the old computer, and insert it into the new computer.
5. Open the drive, and copy the Components folder.
6. On the new computer open a Finder window and go into Applications > My Memories Suite. (on Windows go into Computer > C: > Program Files > My Memories Suite)
7. With the My Memories Suite folder open right-click, and paste. (this should give you the option to replace the current components folder, with the one copied from the drive.)
8. Replace the components folder with the one from the drive, after it has finished copying you should now have access to the same content from the old computer on your new one.

How do I transfer albums from an old computer to a new one?

- You will need an external drive, or a large drop box type account to transfer the files.
- Ensure that the MMS software is installed on both computers.
- Ensure you have the latest progress on your album before transferring.

1. On your old computer open the Documents folder.
2. Right-click on the My Memories Suite Albums folder and choose copy.
3. Open your external drive and paste the folder.
4. After the folder has finished copying eject the drive, and insert it into your new computer.
5. Open the drive and copy the My Memories Suite Albums folder.
6. Open the Documents folder on your new computer, and paste. (this will replace the My Memories Suite Albums folder on the new computer with the folder from your old computer)
7. After it has finished copying you may open your albums from within the program.

- Note that you can transfer individual albums instead of all of your albums, but ensure that you copy your entire album folder not just the .mms file, or your album will not copy or open properly.

Why are the Icons under the Control Panel tabs grey and not selectable?

- If an album is not currently open the Control Panel options are disabled. Please open or create an album, once an album is open the Control Panel icons will be available to use.

Can I install My Memories on an external drive?

- Yes, you can install the software onto an external drive using the Advanced setup option during install. Keep in mind that this may reduce software performance and speed, due to read and write data transfer speed limitations with external drives.

What types of fonts are available for use in My Memories?

- My Memories is only compatible with fonts that are .TTF (True Type Fonts). When My Memories Suite is launched it goes through the process of reading your system libraries and fonts. Any font that it finds and is compatible with the software will be displayed in the software font list. On Mac you can find your fonts library in Macintosh HD / Library / Fonts. On Windows you can find your fonts Library in Start / Computer / C: / Windows / Fonts.

How often are My Memories Suite updates released?

- We traditionally come out with a new software version release every 1 to 2 years, most commonly around the month of November. Version releases include new features, and are a paid upgrade. Previous users of MMS are customarily emailed with upgrade offer discounts. Update patches that have bug fixes, and other minor changes typically are released every few months, and can be installed for free from the Help menu > Check for updates at any time.

Why is the background checkered instead of white?

- The checkered background indicates that it is currently transparent, so when you export as PNG it will keep that transparency. Example: add a frame to the page, export as PNG, it will only display frame and no background.

My canvas and images look blurry and pixelated, why?

- My Memories has a setting in the Preferences > Window menu, called Smooth Canvas Rendering. If you enable smooth rendering it will increase the on screen quality of your layout reducing the pixelation while you work on the page. However, it may reduce performance, for the best performance with on screen rendering have the feature disabled. Smooth rendering can be toggled on or off at any time.

Can individual elements be adjusted in each kit?

- Yes, all embellishments are customizable and may be resized and re-positioned on the layout. You can use the individual elements with any project you create. QuickPages are the only type of kits that don’t allow items to be adjusted in the layout, but you can add QuickPages to any of your projects.

What does the download size mean in my account’s download page, and can I remove installers after they are installed?

- Download file size is referring to how large the download file is, and how much disk space it is going to use on your computer. You can download and install as many kits as you like into the software as long as you have enough disk space on your hard drive. After you have installed a kit, you may remove the installer from your downloads folder.

Are you required to use My Memories Suite with kits offered on your site?

- You are not required to have the My Memories Suite software to use kits purchased from You may use your purchases with PhotoShop, or any image editing program. To download your items in a format that is compatible with other programs go to your downloads page, and select the General .zip download link.

How do I add Photos to the program?

- Please watch this photos tutorial.

I cannot login to my account, why?

- Login info is a case sensitive, so please ensure that caps lock is disabled and try again.
- Sometimes autofill settings don’t get updated if you have recently changed your info. I would suggest clearing out the autofill options for our site in your browser settings and try logging in again.
- It may also be a particular browser issue, try logging into your account using a different web browser like FireFox, Chrome, or Safari.
- Try clicking on a different section of your account when signing in, like My Downloads, or My Account, sometimes just clicking on a different link will refresh the login page.

What is the Design Club?

- The Design Club is an opt in rewards club, it adds 8 pre selected kits to your account each month for the low cost of $5.99. Getting 8 kits individually is generally a lot more expensive so it is a good deal to get 8 of kits for $5.99.
- In addition you also immediately receive a 5% discount on all future digital purchases, the longer you stay a club member the more the discount increases. In your account settings it will let you know how long before the loyalty discount increases again.
When you sign up for the club you also receive a bonus collection of kits valued at over $50 for free with signup.
- In summary it is a rewards program that offers a lot of great quality content at an extremely low price, and by being a member it also gives you discounts on any of your other digital purchases at the site.

When I signed up for the Design Club I received this months kits twice, why?

- When you purchase the club it will add the club kits, and the signup bonus kits to your account. The club then also triggers the system to add that particular month’s kits to your account. It is unfortunately a bug in our system that causes the initial kits to get added twice. You may simply ignore the duplicates for now, you not charged for the second set of the kits. Going forward you should not have any duplicates added. We are working on fixing this bug that duplicates the kits added with initial signup, and hope to have it fixed soon.

Am I required to signup for the club for a set period of time?

- No, you may signup or cancel your membership at any time.

Where can I update my CC info for the Design Club?

- If you are part of the design club you can update your info by signing into your account and going to the downloads page of your account. Then click on the Design Club link on the left of your account page. You may enter the new CC info here, and click the update membership button.

When am I billed for the Design Club membership?

- Billing for the design club is an automated process that will attempt billing on the 1st, 6th, and 11th day of each month. If process fails to bill on the 3rd attempt it will cancel the membership. If your membership is canceled you may sign back up at any time.

Do you ship print orders internationally?

- Yes, print orders are shipped to numerous countries around the world. Shipping prices can be calculated when you upload a print order, just before checkout. Additional shipping info.

What are your printing prices, and what print products do you offer?

- Pricing, upload instructions, and additional information can be found here.

Can I order individual pages through your print services?

- Yes, we offer the option of printing individual pages with versions 6, 7, 8, or 9 software, pages can be uploaded from the Share menu.

I don’t see the option for cards and pages in the Share menu of versions 5 and earlier, why?

- Unfortunately versions 5 and earlier do not currently have the option for ordering pages, cards, or swatch books at this time. These print options are only available in the latest 6.1 and later updates of MMS.

Do I need to order multiple cards and pages, or can I order one at a time?

- You may order a single card or page. It may be worth it to combine multiple cards or page prints into a single order to save on shipping.

How do I update my email address?

- To update your email please do the following.
1. Login to your account.
2. Then click on the Account settings link. (on the left)
3. Enter in your new email under the Email field.
4. Enter your password for your account under the Password field.
5. Enter your password again under Confirm Password field.
6. Then click Update.

How do I update my account password?

- To update your password please do the following.
1. Login to your account.
2. Then click on the Account settings link. (on the left)
3. Enter your password for your account under the Password field.
4. Enter your password again under Confirm Password field.
5. Then click Update.

How do I update my shipping and billing address?

- Address info is not stored in account settings of your online account. You will be able to update the address when placing new orders for digital kits.

- If you order a physical print such as a photobook or calendar, this will use a different checkout system. The print (photo gifts) section of our site will store your address info separately and will use the address selected or entered at checkout.

Do you offer discounts for bulk print orders?

- Yes, use codes below at checkout when placing multiple orders to receive a discount on bulk orders at any time.

bulk05 – 5% off orders of 5 or more.
bulk10 – 10% off orders of 10 or more.
bulk15 – 15% off orders of 15 or more.
bulk20 – 20% off orders of 20 or more.

I am unable to continue through checkout, why?

- Our checkout process is fairly particular when it comes to the information entered in the billing and shipping address fields. Please try these suggestions if you are having issues checking out, and try again.

1. Please ensure that all your information has been filled out correctly.
2. For your phone number if you are outside of the US just use 0000000000 or 9999999999 because the site may not recognize outside US number formatting. Also do not include (.‘s) or (-’s) in the number.
3. For your Zip use 00000 or 99999.

How do I Print Greetings Cards at Home?

- Click this link for Half Fold instructional PDF.
- Click this link for Quarter Fold instructional PDF.

Where do I find pricing and information about print orders and photobooks?

- For pricing and info about our prints and books please visit this page.

How do I order a photobook?

- Click this link for an instructional PDF.
- Click this link for a video tutorial.

Why do I need to stay out of the trim area when ordering a print?

- Prints are generally printed on larger pages and cut, for example a 12×12 page may be printed on a 14×14 page sheet. The page is sent to cutting to remove the white margin around the 12×12 print. We will try to cut the pages exactly to the page size at 12×12, however it is possible that the cut may shift slightly, causing the cut to come in on the page further than expected. Because the cutting process the trim is used as a precaution to ensure none of the images in your album get cut off the page. We can’t guarantee a perfect cut everytime so we recommend placing photos and text within .5 inches on all sides of your page.

- Please note that you will still want your background image to go all the way to the edges, so there isn’t any white space around your pages after they are cut.

I have uploaded my book, but some of the pages are not loading in the preview, what should I do?

- If the preview is not loading try refreshing the web page and wait for each page to fully load, before continuing to the next page to preview it.

- If the refresh doesn’t work you may also try copying the URL web address link from the top of the preview page, and paste it into a different web browser on your computer such as FireFox, Chrome, IE, or Safari, then try loading the preview in that web browser. Sometimes just viewing it in a different browser will allow it to display properly.

- If refreshing or viewing it in another browser doesn’t work please contact us and include the URL address for your preview. We can review your job id based on the preview to ensure all of the pages uploaded.

Do you have a phone number I can call for assistance?

- Yes, if you would like to discuss a question or issue over the phone, please see our contact info page and we will be happy to assist you.

What can I do if I have a question that is not answered in the FAQs?

- If a suitable answer cannot be found, please contact us, we will be happy to assist you.