Additional Information:
- Stampin Up annouced they are closing and discontinuing support for My Digital Studio.
- Unfortunately My Memories will not be providing continued support for the MDS software program.
- Please download any content from MyDigitalStudio site to your computer prior to the site closing.
- Please finish and order any board books, journals, and card projects types in MDS prior deadline.
- Content from can be used in MDS by following the reverse content migration steps.

- My Memories Suite offers professionally printed photobooks, cards, and calendars that can be uploaded directly from the software and photo gifts (mugs, t-shirts,posters, canvas prints, and more) that can be ordered online.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the system requirements?
- My Memories Suite versions 1 – 4: Windows 32 bit, XP, Vista & 7. Mac OS X 10.6 – 10.9.
- My Memories Suite version 5: Windows 32 bit, XP, Vista, 7, 8, & 10. Mac OS X 10.6 or higher.
- My Memories Suite version 6: Windows 64-bit Vista, 7, 8, & 10. Mac OS X 10.7.5 or higher.
- My Memories Suite version 7: Windows 64-bit or 32bit 7, 8, & 10. Mac OS X 10.7.5 or higher.
- My Memories Suite version 8: Windows 64-bit or 32bit 7, 8, & 10. Mac OS X 10.7.5 or higher.

How do I verify my system meets the requirements?
- On Windows a quick way to check is to right-click on your Desktop background, and select Personalize from the drop down menu. Then click on the Control Panel Home link (top left), then go into System and Security, then go into System. This will display version, available memory, and bit type information.
- On Mac go to your Apple menu (top left), and select About This Mac from the drop down. This will display OS version, and available memory.

Will My Digital Studio stop working after support is discontinued?
- Stampin’ Up is discontinuing support for MDS, but that doesn’t mean the program is going to immediately stop working. It may no longer work with new Java and operating system updates.

Can I have both My Memories Suite and My Digital Studio on my computer at the same time?
- Yes, you may install and use both programs on your system simultaneously. Installing MMS will not cause any conflicts with MDS.

How many computers can I install My Memories on?
- You can install and register up to 3 computers simultaneously with a single My Memories Suite product key.

How can I install My Memories on another computer?
- To download the software on a second or third computer, simply login to your account from that computer, then download and install the program from your account.

How many times can I download the software and kits from my account?
- The software and kit download links remain in your account indefinitely, so you can download them from your account at any time, as many times as you need.

Will I still have access to content in MDS after I follow the Merge steps?
- Yes, by copying content folder from MDS and pasting it into MMS both programs will have the same set of content, and can then be accessed in either program.

Where will my MDS content be located in MMS?
- After content is merged in MMS by following the PDF steps, some items will have different names. Content is found in the following locations: Templates, Backgrounds, Embellishments, Shapes, and Imprints. MDS Stamps and Splatters will be located in Imprints, and Punches will be located in Shapes.

Why are the Icons under the Control Panel tabs grey and not selectable?
- If an album is not currently open the Control Panel options are disabled. Please open or create an album, once an album is open the Control Panel icons will be available to use.

How can I find where My Memories installed on my computer?
- If are having trouble locating the MMS, or the MDS components folders you may right-click on either the MDS or MMS shortcut icon, and choose open file location, this will display the software’s folder.

Why does My Memories version 6 or 7 sometimes install into a different location than version 5 on Windows?
- Version 5 installs into Program Files (x86) by default because it is a 32bit program.
- Version 6 or 7 installs into Program Files by default because it is a 64bit program.
- Version 6 or 7 is supposed to detect if a previous version of the software has been installed, and install over that same location in Program Files (x86). It doesn’t matter where the program is installed on the system, you can have it in either location. When merging content from MDS ensure you copy the content into the most current version of My Memories, so if version 6 or 7 installed in Program Files copy your content there, if it installed over version 5 in (x86) then move the content there, so that it is available when you launch the software.

I receive an error message: "Image May Be Corrupted” when accessing content in MMS, how do I resolve this?
- The error indicates that the software is unable to create a preview image list for recently installed content. This can caused by permission settings inhibiting the creation process. To resolve the issue, and allow the software to generate a preview list for recently installed images, run the software as administrator (right-click desktop shortcut icon, run as admin) on Windows. On Mac open your Applications folder, select the My Memories Suite folder, press Command+I, in the Info window open the sharing and permissions tab, (at the bottom) and set System, Admin, and Everyone to Read & Write, then click the gear icon (at the bottom) and select Apply to Enclosed items. When you open the MMS software after making this adjustment the error should no longer display.

I have copied the Components folder from MDS into My Memories and I am not seeing my content, why?
- When copying the components folder, ensure you don’t place it inside of the existing components folder, or inside a different folder. Replace the existing Components folder.
- You may have 2 versions of My Memories installed, ensure you copy the Components into the most recent MMS folder. To bring up the MMS folder right-click on the desktop shortcut icon and choose open file location.
- Check to make sure you have renamed the content folders within Components. MDS Stamps and Splatters will be located in Imprints, and Punches will be located in Shapes.
- Ensure that you have a project open, if a project is not open the content panels will not be accessible.

Can I install My Memories on an external drive?
- Yes, you can install the software onto an external drive using the Advanced setup option during install. Keep in mind that this may reduce software performance and speed, due to read and write data transfer speed limitations with external drives.

What types of fonts are available for use in My Memories?
- My Memories is only compatible with fonts that are .TTF (True Type Fonts). When My Memories Suite is launched it goes through the process of reading your system libraries and fonts. Any font that it finds and is compatible with the software will be displayed in the software font list. On Mac you can find your fonts library in Macintosh HD / Library / Fonts. On Windows you can find your fonts Library in Start / Computer / C: / Windows / Fonts.

How often are My Memories Suite updates released?
- We traditionally come out with a new software version release every 1 to 2 years, most commonly around the month of November. Version releases include new features, and are a paid upgrade. Previous users of MMS are customarily emailed with upgrade offer discounts. Update patches that have bug fixes, and other minor changes typically are released every few months, and can be installed for free from the Help menu > Check for updates at any time.

What are the types of files MMS exports?
- MMS can export in JPG, PNG, or PDF formats from the Share menu.

Why is the background checkered instead of white?
- The checkered background indicates that it is currently transparent, so when you export as PNG it will keep that transparency. Example: add a frame to the page, export as PNG, it will only display frame and no background.

My canvas and images look blurry and pixelated, why?
- My Memories has a setting in the Preferences > Ruler menu, called Smooth Canvas Rendering. If you enable smooth rendering it will increase the on screen quality of your layout reducing the pixelation while you work on the page. However, it may reduce performance, for the best performance with on screen rendering have the feature disabled. Smooth rendering can be toggled on or off at any time.

Why do I only have sample images in Backgrounds and Embellishments, where is more content?
- My Memories does not include a lot of content initially, this is to reduce the download file size so that users with slower download speeds do not have trouble installing the software. After you get the program installed on your system, the next step for getting content in the program is to download the add-ons that come with the purchase. In your online account you will have the download links for 7 additional templates, these include 150 backgrounds and 400 embellishments.

How do I download and install add-on kits into My Memories?
- For installing and using kits please review these videos in this order to get the overall basics.
a. How to Know what comes with a kit

b. How to download kits

c. How to locate and use kits

Can individual elements be adjusted in each kit?
- Yes, all embellishments are customizable and may be resized and re-positioned on the layout. You can use the individual elements with any project you create. QuickPages are the only type of kits that don’t allow items to be adjusted in the layout, but you can add QuickPages to any of your projects.

What does the download size mean in my account’s download page, and can I remove installers after they are installed?
- Download file size is referring to how large the download file is, and how much disk space it is going to use on your computer. You can download and install as many kits as you like into the software as long as you have enough disk space on your hard drive. After you have installed a kit, you may remove the installer from your downloads folder.

Are you required to use My Memories Suite with kits offered on your site?
- You are not required to have the My Memories Suite software to use kits purchased from You may use your purchases with PhotoShop, or any image editing program. To download your items in a format that is compatible with other programs go to your downloads page, and select the General .zip download link.

I get this message “Developer Cannot Be Confirmed” when installing kits on my mac, why?
- This is caused by security update and signature changes in the Mac OS. To install kits that give this message, right-click on the install icon, and choose open, or go into System Preferences > Security, and allow downloads from anywhere, then you can install the kits. We are working on rebuilding all kits so they no longer get this message, when installing rebuilt kits, and newly uploaded kits you won’t get this message.

How do I add Photos to the program?
- Please watch this photos tutorial.

I cannot login to my account, why?
- Login info is a case sensitive, so please ensure that caps lock is disabled and try again.
- Sometimes autofill settings don’t get updated if you have recently changed your info. I would suggest clearing out the autofill options for our site in your browser settings and try logging in again.
- It may also be a particular browser issue, try logging into your account using a different web browser like FireFox, Chrome, or Safari.
- Try clicking on a different section of your account when signing in, like My Downloads, or My Account, sometimes just clicking on a different link will refresh the login page.

What is the Design Club?
- The Design Club is an opt in rewards club, it adds 8 pre selected kits to your account each month for the low cost of $5.99. Getting 8 kits individually is generally a lot more expensive so it is a good deal to get 8 of kits for $5.99.
- In addition you also immediately receive a 5% discount on all future digital purchases, the longer you stay a club member the more the discount increases. In your account settings it will let you know how long before the loyalty discount increases again.
- When you sign up for the club you also receive a bonus collection of kits valued at over $50 for free with signup.
- In summary it is a rewards program that offers a lot of great quality content at an extremely low price, and by being a member it also gives you discounts on any of your other digital purchases at the site.

When I signed up for the Design Club I received this months kits twice, why?
- When you purchase the club it will add the club kits, and the signup bonus kits to your account. The club then also triggers the system to add that particular month’s kits to your account. It is unfortunately a bug in our system that causes the initial kits to get added twice. You may simply ignore the duplicates for now, you not charged for the second set of the kits. Going forward you should not have any duplicates added. We are working on fixing this bug that duplicates the kits added with initial signup, and hope to have it fixed soon.

Do I need to install version 5 before I install version 7?
- No, you may go strait to version 7 and install it independently from version 5. If you install version 5 first, you can then upgrade to 7. Either way will work and won’t cause issues with the software.

Do you ship print orders internationally?
- Yes, print orders are shipped to numerous countries around the world. Shipping prices can be calculated when you upload a print order, just before checkout. Additional shipping info.

What are your printing prices, and what print products do you offer?
- Pricing, upload instructions, and additional information can be found here.

Can I order individual pages through your print services?
- Yes, we offer the option of printing individual pages with our latest version 6 or 7 software, pages can be uploaded from the Share menu.

I don’t see the option for cards and pages in the Share menu of version 5, why?
- Unfortunately version 5 does not currently have the option for ordering pages, cards, or swatch books at this time. These print options are only available in the latest 6.1 update or later.

Do I need to order multiple cards and pages, or can I order one at a time?
- You may order a single card or page. It may be worth it to combine multiple cards or page prints into a single order to save on shipping.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

My Memories Support