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“I started using MyMemories software about a year ago, when my old software company went out of business. In the past, I used a different printer but I found it too cumbersome! Instructions were too complicated, so I was thrilled to start using MyMemories software and printing. I’ve printed several books and find the quality to be excellent and the clarity is awesome! Here’s something else important, the price of a scrapbook, (mine are usually between 60-100 pages), cost about the same as if I had had the pictures developed at the drugstore, and less messy to make. No glue! Thank you, MyMemories!”

“I make books of photos of ancestors and their families for my cousins.  For many years I used MyMemories to design pages for printing for 3 ring binders.  Love all of my design options!  This year I was working on a hardcover book for a cousin who just turned 80 years old.  I became disgusted with the slow process at another photo book vendor and decided I would try designing the pages in MyMemories for printing elsewhere.  I was delighted to find that MyMemories also had a “print book” option…the best of both worlds!  I had a couple of minor computer glitches (user error) and received immediate and helpful advice from MyMemories.  My hard cover book was beautiful!  I will now, ALWAYS, create and print my books through MyMemories.”

“I ordered three photobooks for Christmas presents last year and they were absolutely beautiful! The quality and clarity of the pages were outstanding! This year I ordered 2 more photobooks and there was a slight problem and they responded quickly and reprinted them for me. The quality once again was beautiful! Will be ordering more in the near future.”

“Using scans and photographs of memorabilia spanning 80 years, I prepared a hardbound photobook for my sister. The result drew “oohs” and “aahs” from everyone. My niece even ordered a copy for herself. Thanks, MyMemories, for the high quality printing and binding and for excellent customer support while preparing the book.”

“I have used MyMemories for many photo books as I am now retired and am organizing all my photos and artifacts into my memory scrapbooks. Once I create a scrapbook I submit it for printing using My Memories Suite. It is simple and it has lots of options. Delivered within a couple of weeks. I am very happy with the quality and how simple the process is. The books are beautiful and real keepsakes. I can highly recommend.”

“I had an album printed that included many photos both large and small as well as a lot of writing.  It turned out beautiful!  The print quality is beautiful and the photos are sharp and clear.  I’m very happy with the quality.  I definitely will not hesitate to use this company again.”

“I have purchased printed pages, calendars and books from MyMemories. The process is simple and the quality is outstanding! The things that they have printed for me have been kept and cherished for years by the people who receive them. I highly recommend this option for all of your printed scrapbooks and memory needs.”

“I have been using this program for several years and love the quality of the print books. I’ve selected both hard and soft cover books and they are both printed on good quality paper. If I ever had a problem it was so easy to email or call to resolve it. The digital site is easy to use and I enjoy creating my projects on it.”

“For several years now, I have been putting together digital photobooks and scrapbooks to memorialize my trips, my family history, and special moments from each year. I did a lot of extensive research looking for a program that would allow me to easily create these digital books, allow for easy design options, can be used offline, and works in both a Mac and Microsoft environment. The efforts of my research was to find MyMemories. Without question, I have found MyMemories to be the single best program for accomplishing all of these goals and much more. Over the past several years, I have designed and published well over a dozen digital photobooks and scrapbooks – with happy memories from each year including many of my trips. However, one of the best and potentially most underutilized feature of MyMemories is the ability to print my digital books and have a beautiful hard cover book on my shelves at home. They have developed an easy and efficient process to upload the digital book to their cloud and start the publication process. What I love best about MyMemories Suite is they have developed a program and a team to support it that now allows me to create my albums digitally or via the old fashion way – a traditional book. Either way, I now have the best of both worlds. If you have not printed any of your digital books to a nicely published book, I encourage you to give it a try. You will be pleasantly surprised!”

“When my sister and I travel overseas (Road Scholar is our favorite tour company), we write a journal every night about things we saw, people we met, what we learned, different customs, interesting happenings, what we ate—our experiences. When I get home, I shop the MM store to find some kits that will set a good mood for the locale we visited. I love all the different fonts available in the software and spend time choosing just the right ones for the text and for the headlines. I use our journal and the pictures we took (and sometimes go on line to verify information) and spend the next weeks making a remembrance book of our experiences. I’m not especially adept on the computer, but the MM program with all its features makes it easy for me to produce great looking pages. I go over and over the pages refining the placement of things and editing the text. My husband submits the final results to MyMemories, and I wait anxiously for my book. How thrilled I have been at every printed copy I have received (14 so far)! The physical book always makes me so proud of my work. Of course I have to print one for my sister, too. I love to get out an old book; reading it brings back so many trip details I had forgotten. When I get too old to travel (I know the time will come), I will use my MM library to travel virtually.  I am grateful to MM for adding this enrichment to my life.”
-Gail, age 80